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We are Dig2Grow, a husband & wife and a pair of writers.  Dave is a broad-minded geologist and Anne is a free-range biologist with a bad case of plant lust.  We chose "Dig2Grow" because that's what happens when you write, talk, and act on things that matter to the well-being of people and our one-and-only planet. 

Feel free to reach out to us via our contact page if would like to book us for an event, obtain autographed books, or have other questions.

Happy reading!

Dave & Anne

We are excited to let you know that our new book, What Your Food Ateis now available - buy buttons are below.

We all know that diet matters and have heard the adage "you are what you eat."  But dig a little deeper and it becomes clear that what our food eats—how we grow crops and raise animals—rounds out the story. 


Farming practices intimately influence soil health and those that comprise modern farming—frequent tillage and excessive synthetic nitrogen fertilizer and pesticide use—have degraded agricultural soils.  As a consequence, the beneficial compounds in foods that underpin human health are either reduced, as with phytochemicals.  Or, in the case of fats in meat and dairy, their proportions are changed.


Yet farmers in both the industrialized and developing worlds are improving soil health through changing their practices. Combining ancient wisdom with modern science reveals ways of farming that provide sufficient yields and foods suffused with the array of compounds central to human health.  It turns out that what’s good for us is good for the land too.


What Your Food Ate grew out of other books—what we call our Dirt Trilogy. Growing a Revolution is the most recent, covering how particular farming methods can reverse past soil degradation. The Hidden Half of Nature reveals insights about the microbiomes of soil, plants, and people and why we need to change the practice of farming and medicine. Dirt kicked off our unplanned trilogy of books and tells the plight of soil since the dawn of agriculture.  

Click on the books below to learn more about our work in the area of agriculture, microbiomes, and soil health.

David R. Montgomery & Anne Biklé


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